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United Arab Emirates

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Sanja Lazic

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FortyGuard are outdoor temperature experts helping clients optimize energy & enhance the environment with proprietary insights. FortyGuard’s opportunity is monetizing existing temperature data available from 400 million vehicles globally and using our models to serve different industries using an AI platform.


We do utilize artificial intelligence and hardware-software interface to optimize solar energy systems productivity in developing markets. We conform the technical layer of our sister company, SunBox Group Ltd., a multinational solar implementation company operating across the MENA region. Our vast experience with implementation in developing markets has allowed us to identify to main problems of sustainable solar system use. We have three years of experience in those markets. We have identified the most pressing challenges, and have hundreds of potential clients for our technological solution.


FortyGuard Platform

FortyGuard are outdoor temperature experts with a mission to cool cities. They are building a cloud-based AI tool to provide access to enriched temperature insights for dynamic and personalized visuals.

FortyGuard is leveraging untapped existing data sources up to 1-meter square/ 1min globally to provide more accurate insights while focusing on the granular human-level experience. At this point, the population experiences heat daily. They can predict (historically, near-real time and future) temperature with better accuracy by understanding heat patterns, helping decision makers identify mitigation strategies, and enabling outdoor-efficient infrastructure designs


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