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Alesca Life Technologies

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Stuart Oda

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Alesca Life is an agritech company that develops turnkey vertical farms and precision ag solutions to make food production more localized and data driven. Since 2013, Alesca has developed patented hardware systems, farm management software, and AI-enabled monitoring, imaging, and automation IoT devices to grow plants using 90~99% less water and land compared to conventional farms with no need for chemical pesticides or GMOs. Alesca is a World Economic Forum Global Innovator, SDG Champion, and Tech Pioneer and Stanford StartX, Unreasonable Impact, and Dubai Futures alumni as a leader in the field of controlled environment agriculture and hyper-local food production.



Alesca is deploying containerized turnkey vertical farms and converting underutilized infrastructure including, parking structures, storage warehouses, and commercial buildings into year round food production hubs. The company has indoor farming projects in different stages of execution across China, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and UK with major state-owned and private sector entities. Alesca's indoor farms have been engineered to maximize farm productivity, efficiency, and traceability by capturing and analyzing billions of environmental data points and specialized plant health images each year.


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