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Alterneit Lifestyles (P) Ltd

Head office

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

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Midhu Sasidharan Unnithan Vasumathy

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Alterneit Lifestyles (P) Ltd is a for-profit social enterprise focussing on developing and implementing solutions in the sustainable development space. All the projects initiated by Alterneit are perfectly aligned with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We work with innovators, people who are the agents of change, and grassroots-level communities. In this consumerist world of ‘throw-away’ culture where fossil fuels are burnt inconsiderately and melting icecaps are normalised, we at Alterneit, want to help individuals, households, and institutions to adopt sustainable practices. We house the best solutions, products, and services promoting a cleaner, greener lifestyle.


Alterneit Lifestyles (P) Ltd

Backyard poultry - Alterneit has designed cages durable- convenient cages that cater to different price segments.

• High-Density Polyethylene panels with Aluminium Alloy Frames
• Highly durable – Rust Free
• Suitable for household/ backyard poultry
• Enough space for birds
• Features such as egg rolling, waste management, drip watering etc

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