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Mayez Kabbara

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Archireef aims to restore degraded marine ecosystems, mobilize blue carbon, and enhance biodiversity by combining expertise in marine biology, the latest advancements in 3D-printing technology, and material science, to create artificial habitats that are best suited for threatened marine life.

By utilizing nature-based solutions, aided with biomimetic design, Archireef developed the world’s first artificial reef structure, 3D-printed in terracotta.

Archireef is also working on new solutions to enhance marine biodiversity and harness Blue Carbon. This aligns with Abu Dhabi’s Environment Vision of 2030, Hong Kong’s recent commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and the United Nations rally call for the decade of restoration 2021-2030.



Archireef’s flagship product, 3D-printed reef tiles, is the world’s first artificial reef structure 3D-printed in terracotta. The tiles are eco-friendly, customizable, and designed to accommodate different types of sediments. Its hexagonal design allows for easy expansion and mobility and includes a biomimicry layer, which is a pattern modeled after an existing coral known to be the best in the world for dealing with sedimentation stress.

The reef tiles have provided very positive results with up to 95% coral survivorship, 4 times greater than any other solution available in the market. Archireef is also working on biodiversity monitoring projects, to measure and track the progress of marine restoration sites.

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