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Circa Biotech

Head office


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Haythem Riahi

Company Size

1-10 (Small)

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+971 58 536 4030


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Circa Biotech is a UAE based Agritech company, aiming at creating a circular economy by upcycling food waste into high-quality animal feed, using industrial farming of an insect indigenous to UAE, the Black Soldier Fly with an innovative industrial processing.


Food Waste Management

Upcycling food waste into sustainable protein-rich animal feed, and organic fertilizer manufactured at an industrial scale in the UAE

The solution is to upcycle food waste into high-protein animal feed components using industrial farming of an insect, the BSFL, with innovative industrial processing. Several tonnes of food waste will be collected from supermarkets and food processing operators and fed to BSFL under controlled conditions. The BSFL can eat food waste and metabolize it very efficiently into proteins and lipids as they grow. It is a highly sustainable protein production process requiring low amounts of fertile land, water and produces almost no greenhouse gases.


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