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SunBox Innovation

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Mohammed Almashharawi

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We do utilize artificial intelligence and hardware-software interface to optimize solar energy systems productivity in developing markets. We conform the technical layer of our sister company, SunBox Group Ltd., a multinational solar implementation company operating across the MENA region. Our vast experience with implementation in developing markets has allowed us to identify to main problems of sustainable solar system use. We have three years of experience in those markets. We have identified the most pressing challenges, and have hundreds of potential clients for our technological solution


We aim to build a product to suit almost every solar system no matter the size or the components. Our system main function to utilize a combination of hardware based on censors and meters, together with user-friendly software available through mobile application, cloud storage and wireless display. The system main two functions are:


System monitoring

Data collection and analysis that includes energy and atmospheric parameters, system evaluation and troubleshooting, and maintenance optimization through consultation and user accessibility



Safety and User Guidance

Risk of electrical shocks and fire and mounting body risks


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