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Kasi Technologies AB

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Isak Löfgren

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Kasi Technologies aims to become a global provider of large-scale fleet electrification & CO2 solutions for vehicles converts existing- and new cars into electric hybrids with NESS, our retrofit Dual hybrid product conversion kit.

Fully Electric cars, today less than 2% of global new market sales and projected to 8% by 2030, does not solve the short-term problem for 92% of the global market before 2030.

An easier, more cost-effective plug n’ play solution for existing cars is needed too.


NESS - New Electrified Supercharging System

NESS– New Electrified Supercharging System 13 – 18 % CO2- & Fuel reduction.

80 – 245 Megaton CO2e/year reduction 100% fossil-free vehicles based E-fuels & H2 giving Gigaton CO2e savings.

0% retrofittable to all new- and existing cars. 56+ granted patents worldwide.

ROI in less than a year for a retrofit vehicle case.


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