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Mid Atlantic Microbials

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Landon Adler

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+1 260 223-2020


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Mid Atlantic Microbials is a specialized soil enrichment company that converts 100% natural materials into products that enhance soil health and the productivity of land without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. We are focused on the “probiotics” of the soil: a highlyefficient and sustainable symbiosis between plants and a vast multitude of microorganisms inhabiting the soil.


Mid Atlantic Microbials

The widespread and decadeslong use of chemical fertilizer and pest control treatments in agriculture has led to massive soil degradation worldwide. As a result, soil conditions are increasingly disease-friendly and non-aerobic, which lead to problems with compaction, erosion and an overall decline of soil quality. Current solutions, such as the application of manure, often have adverse effects on the surrounding environment. Runoff carries excess nutrients such as phosphate into local waters, creating toxic algae blooms that harm wildlife. Simultaneously, the population continues to grow, and with it the demand for increased farm productivity (as much as 70% by the mid-century). The conventional toolkit is unequipped to meet this need. Today’s “solutions” not only often cause more harm than good, but they lack a critical component: soil biology science.

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