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Mrüna is a transliteration of the Arabic word for resilience, and we strive to develop solutions and services that earn our namesake. Mrüna was founded in 2018 in Lebanon. In 2021 Mruna crowned the winner of the GI Hub Infrachallenge competition for its flagship onsite wastewater treatment solution BiomWeb.

BiomWeb’s guiding design philosophy is there is no waste in nature. It aims to replace mechanical systems, major infrastructure, and sewage trucks, with a nature-based solution that is easy to operate and monitor remotely. Mrüna’s systems are designed, manufactured, and constructed in house by a team of



Aligned with Aldar’s innovation and sustainability mandate, Aldar launched the Scale-Up Programme to upskill its business units and to collaborate with global startups to implement innovative and sustainable real estate technologies through pilot projects. Aldar selected Mrüna, to pilot BiomWeb. With BiomWeb, rather than transport wastewater on the back of diesel-hungry trucks, Aldar is reusing wastewater onsite for irrigation and replacing an expensive and unsustainable service with a lush greenspace. Reusing water for irrigation is an opportunity to offset a huge amount of energy and reduce Aldar’s Carbon Footprint. BiomWeb is the cornerstone to a future circular water infrastructure.

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