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Abu Dhabi

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Reni Popcheva, Aleksandra Popcheva, Plamen Aleksandrov

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971 52 663 0355, 359 899 77 00 72, 359 884 49 43 49


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We developed a novel technology that captures 98 - 99.9% of Black Carbon and Gases emissions from the exhaust gases of ships, ports and Oli&Gas equipment with by x6-8 lower CAPEX and OPEX compared to alternative solutions. This solution also collects and utilizes the Black Carbon, making it possible to be sold as a byproduct.


We are on a mission to solve the problem the emissions problem for ships and ports to comply with the agenda 2050 for emissions reduction in an efficient and sustainable way.

Our team developed novel air and gas filtering technology, a product able to capture 98% of the Soot and 90-98% of the Gases (SOx, NOx and COx) emitted by diesel-run engines of ships and ports equipment, with low CAPEX and OPEX, retrofittable to any size and model of vessels, port's diesel-run equipment, diesel generators. In the roadmap are Oil and Gas, and Power Plant industries.



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