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The Food Engineer

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Ghita Bahmad

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971 55 372 1063


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The Food Engineer designs and creates innovative growing towers using aeroponic systems. We provide entrepreneurs and farmers an aeroponic turnkey solution to grow fruits & vegetables indoor and outdoor.

The main benefits for growing with our systems:
• Use 90% less water than traditional farming
• 5x more efficient than traditional farming
• Continuous production all year round
• Can be installed anywhere with electricity and running water
• Reduce labour work
• Automated farmer system
• No pesticides

Our concept in “The Food Engineer” is not limited to producing, manufacturing, and marketing products, it also promotes social, economic, and environmental development. It is a shared asset that will contribute to the optimization of land use and empower individuals, impacting several aspects of the society: Environment, Health, Food Security, Social networks, Education, Leisure, and Healthy lifestyle.


Growing Tower System

Our Growing Tower System is flexible and can be packed as set of a 4, 6, 12, 48 Towers system depending on the customer needs. Whether it is in schools, restaurants, hotels, distribution centers or farmers. We can turn any building and closed area to an Urban Agriculture Space.Our long-term vision is to become the leader in Aeroponic Growing Turnkey Solution. Our project in UAE is to install an aeroponic farming grid across the country, starting with 5 growing rooms in Mr. Sulaiman Al Suwaidi’s farm. Our UAE partner that offered us the needed space and support to kick off our operations in his Dubai farm. These rooms will also serve as a showcase for potential clients. Expansion in MENA region will then follow over the next 5 years with our HQ and R&D operations based in the UAE. While we will target big farms of 100+ tons/location, hotels, restaurants, etc. we also envision to adapt our system to flower markets and lower scale needs such as Villa residents and personal use.

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