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Verofax Limited

Head office

United Arab Emirates

Contact Person

Wassim Merheby

Company Size

35 FTE

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Verofax is a ConsumerTech company turning offline products interactive with product digitization to deliver engaging shopper experiences, get unmatched marketing results on promotional campaigns and achieve operational excellence. Our unique solution helps brands convert up to 60% of consumers on interaction with the primary packaging turning products into a direct marketing tool. With Unique digital IDs per product, Verofax traceability solutions serves as a powerful tool in authenticating sustainability claims made by companies and measuring their carbon impact. Brands can now bring transparency and trust to the market and educate consumers on sustainable choices.



Verofax develops technology for humanity through our sustainable passporting application. We bring visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain by assigning unique digital IDs to each product. It gives brands the tools to rate their products based on sustainable rating metrics developed in line with UNSDG Goal 12, measure their impact and engage directly with consumers on offsetting activities. Brands, retailers, and consumers are empowered to act responsibly and make greener choices compared to industry benchmarks. Verofax offers tokenization as a service for social and sustainable businesses to leverage the benefits of crypto and blockchain to grow their business.


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