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Aleksandr Kiianitsa

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+971 52 285 9523


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Volts UAE is a manufacturer of modern energy storage systems for residential houses. Today we produce and supply energy storage devices, develop IT solutions for smart home power consumption systems and develop a dealer network globally.


VOLTS Energy Storage System

VOLTS Energy Storage System is a compact, silent, eco-friendly smart device that eliminates the power supply problems of a country house, cottage, or apartment. As soon as the house loses electricity, the drive turns on and takes over the power - this happens in a split second: so that users do not even notice the moment of disconnection.

The device collects electricity from the network and uses it when necessary, using lithium-ion batteries. It completely saves owners from blackouts, power surges, lack of dedicated power.

You can connect solar panels to VOLTS and create your own solar power plant. The mobile app allows to control and manage the electricity of home from anywhere in the world.

VOLTS does not need service, it does not make noise, does not emit pollutants into the environment and takes up very little space.


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