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Wahaj Solar

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Prof. Ayman Al-Maaitah

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Wahaj Solar is developing a breakthrough innovative technology in solar energy with huge potential and currently is promoting this technology with many applications worldwide. The technology offers solutions for solar energy in various application including 24/7 electricity generation, solar heat for industrial process, and green hydrogen production. The company is a startup with clear path forward and has opportunities for investment. The company aims to become world leader in modular Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems worldwide and currently has many projects in the pipeline all around the world including GCC, USA, Middle East, and others.


Ayman Solar Concentrator

ASC, (Ayman Solar Concentrator) is an innovative new generation of solar concentrators considered to be the 5G of Solar Concentrators. It efficiently concentrates solar radiation by thousands of times to a lower focal point fixed to the ground where the temperature at this focal can exceed thousand degrees Celsius. This high-grade energy can be easily accessed through solid pipes eliminating the problems associated with flexible pipes and can be stored cheaply in low-cost materials like basalt rocks or ceramic. This energy can be used day and night for various applications. A commercial scale prototype is built and tested.


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