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A thriving destination to work, live, learn and play

Masdar City focuses on sustainable healthy lifestyles, with the city providing a range of fun
recreational facilities for residents, tenants,
Masdar employees and visitors to enjoy.

Masdar Park
Running and Cycling Track
Sporting facilities and outdoor gym

Masdar Park

Masdar Park has doubled in size to 2,500 square metres and features a children’s playground, music wall and art installations themed on sustainability. Visitors can charge their phones and digital devices using the park's solar-powered benches and interact with “The Tree of Light”, which is made from recycled building materials and changes colour when touched.

Open daily 9am-10pm

Children's playground music wall and art installations

Eight food and beverage options

Running and Cycling Track

The Al Mamsha trail starts at Masdar Park and stretches for 5.6 kilometres around Masdar City, taking in sustainability landmarks such as the Eco-Villa.

For cycling enthusiasts, Masdar City also has three Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) bikeshare stations that are operated by Cycle.

5.6 kilometres long

Bikeshare operated by Cyacle

Sporting facilities and outdoor gym

An outdoor basketball court and football pitch are also located adjacent to Masdar Park, while an outdoor gym can also be found on the Al Mamsha trail near the Masdar City Solar PV array. To make a booking and to confirm rates, email:

Outdoor football pitch

Outdoor basketball court

Outdoor gym


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