Welcome to the new Masdar City Visitor Center – a captivating gateway to the sustainable future! Nestled within the heart of this innovative oasis, our Visitor Center invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration, enlightenment, and inspiration. Here, in the heart of one of the world's most sustainable cities, you'll discover the past, present, and future of sustainability.

Begin your adventure at the North Car Park, where you'll be warmly welcomed into the world of sustainability. As you step through our Transportation Archway, you'll delve into the fascinating realm of our sustainable mobility, setting the stage for an extraordinary experience that awaits.

Explore Sustainability with Personalized Precision

Our new Visitor Center experience offers a personalized touch like no other. You'll hop aboard our cutting-edge Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) autonomous vehicle, which will whisk you away to a personalized and interactive journey with a digital gift that will leave you with lasting memories.

The Masdar City Visitor Center is divided into seven captivating zones

Meet Amal, our Metahuman guide, and get to know her better. Grab a sustainable journey card and customize your experience with your own information.

Explore every sustainable corner of Masdar City through our interactive master plan model. The model is fully equipped with two large screens, a touch screen and projection mapping to provide insights into our community, buildings, and projects.

Spin the globe and embark on a global journey to explore renewable energy projects initiated by our esteemed partners, including Masdar and the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

Flip through the pages of UAE's visionary leadership with inspiring videos and pivotal moments. Dive into the UAE's national climate change plan to witness the measures taken for a sustainable future.

Swipe through time and delve into the inspiring history of Masdar City with an engaging timeline.

Enter a highly interactive zone, where handheld discs let you explore the boundless potential of a sustainable future. Discover the remarkable strides made by the UAE, Masdar City, and our partners in fields such as Education and Research, Tech and Innovation, Future Energies, and the UAE's Net Zero 2050 vision.

Conclude your journey in our final zone. View your engagement scores, find out how to get in touch with Masdar City, and receive your coveted digital token.

Frequently asked questions

Location and Accessibility:

The Masdar City Visitor Center is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The Masdar City Visitor Center is primarily situated in two locations: the North Car Park and Building 1A in Masdar City, connected by the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) vehicles.

The average ride is between two to three minutes, however, may rarely take longer depending on route conditions.

The North Car Park PRT station has plenty of parking spaces designated for visitors.

The Masdar City Visitor Center is fully accessible by wheelchair.

There are restrooms available in the Masdar City Visitor Center.

Yes, all ages are welcome to experience the Masdar City Visitor Center.

The Masdar City Visitor Center experience is available in both Arabic and English.

We recommend allowing 60 minutes to fully explore the Visitor Center.

Visitor Experience:

No reservations are required for Masdar City Visitor Center.

No, the Masdar City Visitor Center is free of charge.

We recommend visitors to begin their journey through the North Car Park Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) station.

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is one of Masdar City’s legacy projects in sustainable mobility. These automated vehicles will transport visitors between both locations of the Visitor Center.

No, the Masdar City Visitor Center is designed to offer a self-guided and highly interactive experience.

Of course! We encourage our visitors to take as many photographs and videos as they wish.

There are many dining options available in the Masdar City Podium that are within a 5 minute walk of the visitor center.

The Masdar City Visitor Center does not accommodate hosting events or meetings.

For further inquiries, you may reach out to [email protected].

Digital Experience:

The engagement score is the score calculated based on the amount of content consumed and knowledge obtained throughout the visitor center journey.

Engagement scores are linked to your sustainable journey card and will be presented at the end of every zone. The Connect Zone will provide you with a full overview. You just have to tap your card on the screen!

The digital gift is a token meant to be become a sustainable keepsake for the visitor’s journey. The gift will be sent to the mailbox registered at the Welcome Zone.

Visitors will need a minimum score of 60% to receive the digital gift, and there will be an opportunity to increase their score with a short quiz at the Connect Zone.

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