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Sustainable Living

Masdar City is a living, working community where residents, academics and business professionals live, learn, work and play in an environment that pushes the boundaries of sustainable design, construction, and operation.



The city contains one of the largest clusters of low-carbon buildings in the world. Buildings are designed to high sustainability standards and certified by the Department of Municipalities and Transport’s (DMT) Estidama, or LEED green building rating systems. Community amenities are certified under DMT’s Estidama Pearl Community Rating System.


Buildings use 40% less energy and water compared to other similar buildings


Masdar City buildings are constructed with low carbon cement and utilize 90% recycled aluminum


As part of its sustainable living ethos, Masdar City is committed to developing world class and sustainable amenities and recreational facilities to promote a healthier and sustainable living for both its residents and the local community.


Paths are shaded to promote walking and active living

Al Mamsha trail

Running and cycling track, featuring bike-share stations, that stretches for 5.6Km around Masdar City.


Both Masdar Park and Central Park include children’s playground, F&B outlets and more sustainable features.


Masdar City’s

Masdar City's neighborhoods provide a holistic range of facilities and amenities to ensure a sustainable way of life.

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01 Etihad Eco-Residence
02 Leonardo Residence

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