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Welcome to Masdar City, one of the world’s most sustainable urban developments. A place where the buildings, the transport, and the culture are centered around creating a more sustainable future for all.

Comprised of a rapidly growing clean-tech network, competitive business free zone, and residential neighborhoods, with restaurants, shops, and uniquely designed public green spaces, Masdar City is spearheading the innovations to realize a more sustainable future for all.



Home to the only planned and approved R&D cluster in Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is a world leader in innovation and the regional hub for research and development in sustainable technologies.

Masdar City offers a unique strategic base and network through which companies can build their partnerships locally and globally, explore multiple investment opportunities, and test new technologies.

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Innovating Today for a Sustainable Future

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Masdar City is home to one of the world’s largest clusters of low-carbon buildings, which act as a real-time laboratory to monitor and study how cities use, conserve and share resources.

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Combining passive and intelligent design, Masdar City’s buildings’ energy and water demands are 40 percent lower than local and international baselines including ASHRAE and the Estidama Pearl Building Rating System.

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Buildings in Masdar City must meet a minimum Estidama Pearl Building Rating System certification of 3-Pearls or more, equivalent to LEED Gold certification.

Did you know

Masdar City buildings use low-carbon cement and recycled aluminum, in addition to other locally-sourced and verified materials.

Since its inception in 2008, Masdar City has been spearheading the technology to realize greener, more sustainable urban living. As a pioneer in sustainability and innovation, the City is a real-world example of how innovative ideas and collaboration can help create a distinctive and inspiring urban ecosystem.

Masdar City is open to everyone. It brings together residents, students, academics, entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors in a collaborative environment that enables all to live, learn and grow.

Welcome to Masdar City, a ‘greenprint’ for future cities and sustainable living.

Masdar is a global leader in renewable energy and sustainable urban development. Over the last decade, we have pioneered commercially viable solutions in clean energy, sustainable real estate and clean technology in the UAE and around the world.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, we develop renewable energy projects and realize low-carbon urban development, while advancing clean-tech innovation. We also deliver world-class knowledge and industry platforms.


a Sustainable Future

Tackling sustainability challenges
Why Masdar City is the place to live

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